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The sisters of Alpha Phi welcome you to meet us during Formal Recruitment! We are excited to give you a glimpse into what our chapter is all about - scholarship, service, leadership, character development, and a genuine sisterhood. Here at Alpha Phi, you will find your home away from home and a remarkable support system of sisters that will be there through your college journey and beyond.

Important Changes to Recruitment

The recruitment registration link will go live May 1st

Recruitment will now take place the week before school starts, August 12-18, 2024


The University has made accommodation  and will allow you to move into the dorms early

Mark your calendars and get excited!

Encouragement from our VP of Membership Recruitment

Dear U of U ‘28, 
I am beyond excited for you all to start your journey here at the University of Utah, and I think you are making an amazing choice by starting that journey by going through the recruitment process. As cliche as it sounds, joining Greek Life has truly changed my life and shaped my entire college experience. As I begin my senior year here at the U and in Alpha Phi, I look back and have an extremely deep sense of gratitude for Alpha Phi and all of the relationships and experiences it has provided me. All of my best memories are tied to Alpha Phi in one way or another. I have found my best friends and second home in Alpha Phi, and I know you all will too. The community that Greek Life at the U provides is truly unmatched. Take every opportunity you have to meet new people and experience new things. Always be yourself and your people will find you. Make the most of these next 4 years because they will be the best years of your life, and they will fly by in the blink of an eye. See you all August 12th!


Rush Quick Tips

Be confident and be yourself!

Alpha Phi is looking for unique, genuine members. We want to see your true personality shine! Recruitment is about finding the place to call home. The week is much easier, and you will feel most at home by being your true self.

Make new friends!

College is such an exciting experience and is different from high school. It is so easy to remain close with your friends from high school, but we encourage you to also make friendships during the recruitment process. Most of these women will be joining the Panhellenic community with you as well!

Keep an open mind!

Remember that you are choosing a house for yourself, not anyone else. When going to each house and talking to the members, look for a place where you feel comfortable. The house you choose will be your home away from home for the next four years!

Talk to your rho gammas!

They are there to help you! They can answer any questions you have about the recruitment process and they want to make you feel as comfortable as possible. They are your best friends throughout the entire recruitment process

Check out our 2021 Recruitment Video

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