Meet The Team

Georgeanna Souvall

Vice President of

Membership Recruitment



Director of Formal Recruitment

Amanda Higgs

Hospitality Chairman

Courtney Hakes

Target Membership 

Kristen Stucki

Director of Continuous

 Open Bidding

Sarah Kranz and

Mary Naylor

Bid Day Coordinators

A Message From Our V.P. of Recruitment


There is something truly extraordinary about a group of women coming together to grow and change the world with one another. It is powerful, beautiful, and awe inspiring. These women are made up of honors students, NCAA athletes, bloggers, foodies and genuine hearts. We are all uniquely different and that is the best part.  We are Alpha Phi.


To prospective members, you are about to embark on an amazing journey and Alpha Phi cannot wait to be apart of it. Enjoy the nerves, excitement and anticipation because the outcome will be beautiful and change your life forever. The biggest advice that we can give you is to trust yourself and the rest will follow.


We look to fill our chapter with women who will lift this chapter up beyond itself. We hope that each prospective member has a memorable, wonderful, and positive experience when walking through our doors. We are thrilled that our members will have the opportunity to share with you the values and characteristics that constitute the life of an Alpha Phi. These values include: sisterhood, leadership, scholarship, loyalty, and service. We invite you to embark on this adventure with us and make your four years of college an Experience Of A Lifetime. 


On behalf of the Beta Sigma Chapter of Alpha Phi, we cannot wait to meet you!


If you are looking to send a recommendation letter, send any and all to:

Alpha Phi Sorority 

Attention: Recruitment

1417 E. Butler Avenue

Salt Lake City, UT. 84102




Georgeanna Souvall

Vice President of Recruitment 

Alpha Phi – Beta Sigma Chapter

University of Utah

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