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About Us


Fast Facts


SYMBOL - Ivy Leaf

FLOWERS - Lily of the Valley & Forget-Me-Not

PHILANTHROPY - Alpha Phi Foundation in support of Women’s Heart Health


COLORS - Silver and Bordeaux

Alpha Phi's High Ideals

In Alpha Phi we live by 4 high ideals: innovation, character, generosity and sisterhood. These are the ideals that guide every sister in every chapter, and in Beta Sigma we strive to embody these ideals every day.


Sisterhood that lasts a lifetime

Alpha Phis cherish life-long friendships rooted in kindness, love and respect for one another. We believe in the concept of Watchcare - a tenet of our sisterhood which encourages support of one another through the good times and the bad, whether helping one another with academics or providing much needed support during a rough time. 


The common bond of Innovation

Innovation is one of the most important values to our chapter. We provide many opportunities for academic success to our sisters including weekly study hours, many destress event each term, and incentives for sisters who achieve academic excellence. We are so proud to have a chapter full of dedicated scholars!


Generosity is hand in hand.

Generosity is one of the values we stick closest to in Alpha Phi. Our sister participate in countless community service projects every year, both individually and as a group. We are so proud to be a chapter that focuses so much on helping the community we love! 


High expectations for Character

Character is an incredibly important value to Alpha Phi. We strive every day to become the women that will lead the world. As one of the few women only groups on campus we are able to foster a culture of self betterment and growth, and provide our newest members with over 100 inspiring women to look up too.

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