In Alpha Phi, not only is there a place for your daughter, but there is also a place for you. Whether it's dancing the night away at Red Dress Gala, or enjoying a weekend with your daughter during Mom or Dad's weekend, we encourage that Alpha Phi is also an experience for the parents of our lovely sisters. By attending these events, we hope you as parents can walk away feeling confident that your daughter has blossomed into a wonderful young woman and is thriving in the Alpha Phi sorority.

Here in Alpha Phi, academics always come first. This sisterhood is to benefit your daughter's experience in furthering her education and networks. Although Alpha Phi is a time commitment within our busy college schedules, we do recognize that first and foremost, we are here for school and to pursue a degree. We encourage every member to take pride in their academic achievements and strive for a strong GPA. We have required study hours, study groups, and helpful class recommendations from older sisters, all to help make sure our members are being successful and studious Phis.

Mom's Weekend

Dad's Weekend